37% increase in demand for Solar Photvoltaics

Research and Markets announces the addition of the 2003 Solar Photo Voltaics report to its offerings.

Solar PV is a clean form of energy, once it is installed there are no fuel costs and with no moving parts it is almost maintenance free. Like wind power, it is ideal in remote locations where grids cannot reach. The technology and the industry started in the United States, but Japan and Europe have now overtaken the originators. The industry is in a state of profound change and development. Demand has grown at 37% a year for the last three years and is set to continue this growth for some years.

Solar photovoltaics are suitable for both large grid-connected generation and small scale applications. The report examines the status of the technology, its development, the size of the global market and its future development.Applications of Solar Photovoltaincs are also outlined. Market sizes and future projections are provided, together with a break down of grid-connected and non-grid use, distributed generation, details of markets and production. Production is analysed by country and technology (single and poly cell silicon crystal, thin film and concentrators, with sub-categories). Exports are provided.

The market is now poised for expansion. The three major markets are profiled, USA, Japan and Germany. The report contains a directory of 930 manufacturers of solar photovoltaic products and systems, with company name, address, telephone and fax.The nine global leaders are profiled briefly, together with their production growth over the last seven years. The 69 major manufacturers in the world are listed, together with their production capacity, analysed by technology. Government and industry support programmes are outlined for the fifteen major markets.

Price analysis is included, with details of historical development for the last ten years where available, together with installed costs for grid-connected and non-grid applications. Country profiles are included for the top 23 solar photovoltaic markets.

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